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meChris Elsom

Website Consultant

I provide & create professional website
solutions for individuals, small companies and
organisations; using my knowledge and business development skills to communicate with your audience.

Specializing in SEO metrics I use a variety of search engine optimisation tools providing detailed keyword, back link, website auditing and competitor reports that help you to maximise your websites profile and get higher rankings on search engines.

With a background in sales, marketing and business development I am uniquely placed in helping plan and implement your website and search engine strategy.

I have successfully created my own ecommerce businesses and helped others achieve their goals; whether reaching a specific audience or generating online sales I can advise, guide and train you to feel competent running and growing your own website to achieve targeted results.


12 years in the making
  • 2010Earthmother.ie Launched our e-Commerce website providing pure, natural organic baby care.
  • 2002Synergy Web Design Set up to provide personal business development professional web services.


SEO Optimisation


Complete SEO Profiling from just €25 per month. Everything you need.

Powerful search engine optimization reports that help you to get higher rankings on search engines. Powerful ranking reports that show the positions of your web pages for all of your keywords on Google, Bing and Yahoo in many countries and regions.

See the secret SEO strategies of your competitors, helps you to improve the backlink structure of your website. Reports monitor how often your pages are liked, tweeted and mentioned on social networks. Integrates with your Google Analytics account and reports audits of your website, you can make sure that Google and other search engines can index all of your pages correctly.

How do you know what to do if you don't know where you are?

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